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ANTONIO GONZALEZ S.A. is a family enterprise which has been working in the argentinian market since 1942, producing and selling table and high quality wines.

Our products are distributed directly to clients' homes through a network of several branches estrategically placed all over the country.

We also sell concentrated juices, herbal drinks and mineral water in different packs, and the most popular one is a demijohn with 4.700 litres. Our current labes are GALAN, GALAN VIEUX, EL CID, EL PARADOR and GALANJU.

The commercial basement of the Company covers its headquarters in Buenos Aires, its winery in San Martin Mendoza and the mentioned 15 branches, located in SAN ANTONIO DE ARECO, AZUL, CAMPANA, LAS FLORES, MAR DEL PLATA, JUNIN, SAN NICOLAS and LA PLATA, in the province of Buenos Aires; ROSARIO and SANTA FE CITY (province of Santa Fe); CONCORDIA and GUALEGUAYCHU (province of Entre Rios); and SAN MARTIN (province of Mendoza).

All our branches own their truck and van fleet which distribute our products daily, getting to all homes which have always considered our wines and other products very important in their daily laid tables.

There is a regular staff of 250 employees, reaching a peak of 1.000 during vintage time.

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