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Our winery is close to Highway N° 7, Km. 989, Alto Verde, San Martín district, province of Mendoza.

Our winery is close to Highway No 7 Km 989 in the EAST AREA, which is the one with the highest production of the province of Mendoza, with almost 50% of the cultivated area in the whole province. It covers San Martín, Rivadavia, Junín, Santa Rosa and La Paz, being with a plain characteristic and irrigated by the Mendoza and Tunuyán rivers, and complemented by the shallow waters of the surface.

The cultivated area involves around 60.000 hectares with different kinds of vineyards. The outstanding ground, deep and with more development than in other areas, allow for the production of table wines, fine wines of excellent quality, concentrated must and juice, fresh grapes for consumption and all kinds of raisins and preserves.

There are three other productive areas:

CENTRAL. Historically speaking, it is of an outmost importance in the production of high quality wines., covering Lujan de Cuyo, Maipu, Guaymallen and Godoy Cruz. This area is close to the city of Mendoza. It is the one with more wineries, with the highest production in Argentina and where all kinds and qualities of wine are produced. It covers around 23.000 hectares of vineyards, being Malbec the most renown cepage worldwide.

VALLE DE UCO. Located at 100 kilometres to the southeast of Mendoza city, its highlights is the production of fruit (peaches, plums, apples and pears) and we can find important wineries, some of them known worldwide. The cultivated area covers Tunuyan, Tupungato and San Carlos. The vineyards are located right at the foot of the Andean range with a height from 900 to 1.500 meters above sea level.

SOUTH. Located at 250 kilometres from Mendoza city and to the south, it covers San Rafael, General Alvear and Malargue, irrigated by the Diamante and Atuel rivers. This area is highlighted by the production of wines, olives and olive oil and covers around 22.500 hectares.


                    Winery and Vineyard Galán - San Martín District
                    Vineyard Las Catitas - Santa Rosa District
                    Vineyard Ugarteche - Luján de Cuyo District

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