Wine history
The inhabitants, during the Neolitic period, in an area in China, could have been the first wine producers in the world, according to scientists who discovered, to the north of that country, the most ancient data of ...

... wine production, in remains of pots which date back to 7000 a.c. Up to now, the first hints about fermented drinks have dated back to 5400 a.C and were discovered in the neolitic remains in Hajji Firuz Tepe, in Iran.

However, Dr.Patrick McGovern from Pennsylvania University, confirmed in a study published in PNAS scientific magazine that trials with pots from Yiahu, in Henan Province, show remains of a fermented drink produced from the mixture of rice, honey and perhaps grapes or espine fruits.

This arqueological site in Yiahu, situated on the verge of the Amarillo River, is famous for its cultural and artistic relics. Discovered up to noware ancient houses, furnaces, engraved turquois, stone tools and bone flutes, which are considered the most ancient musical instruments which have ever been found.

McGovern also analyzed samples of wines three thousand years old from bronze recipients hermetically closed, found in tombs of the Shang dinasty, close to Amarillo River. He considers the wine has been preserved becausea thin layer of oxid closed up the bronze recipients.

A small sample of what was left out of this wine, a transparent and colourless liquid, gave out a weak smell similar to varnish or enamel, although McGovern said that when he smelled the wine for the first time, he noted a flowerish flavour.

The ancient wine was seasoned with herbs and flowers or tree resins, and was placed in the tombs of the members of the high society in order they can dispose of it in life after death.

One of the recipients had left outs of wormwood, which indicates it could be an early absenta version.

McGovern, molecular archeologist of the archeology and anthropology museum of the University analyzed samples with nuclear and chemical tests, which then compared with botanical products which were known tobe available at that time.

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